Most of us need the eggs.

Shallow frame and shaky sticks but I know there’s a river in me.

Tom Waits - Lie To Me

How has it take me this long to listen to Orphans?

Tom Waits - Invitation To The Blues

Song of the Day:

Tom Waits- Invitation To The Blues

One of Tom’s best stories.

I love Richard Brautigan’s poetry so damn much.

Bright Eyes- Haligh, Haligh, a Lie, Haligh

Conor Oberst, stop making me more depressed during finals week. No don’t stop. You’re music is beautiful.

Break my arms around the one I love, and be forgiven by the time my lover comes.

Let fall your soft and swaying skirt. Let fall your shoes. Let fall your shirt.

I once saw a homeless man,

wearing a Hawaiian shirt,

and when I asked him

if he’d ever been,

he just frowned and walked away.

I once saw a homeless man

wearing Nantucket red shorts,

and thought better of myself.

There’s something sincere,

About a beautiful girl,

With nothing to hide,

Raw and alive, filled with doubts

It’s much like a sunset,

That turns’way from itself,

Humble and shy,

Counting down the seconds,

‘Til the gloaming arrives.

Oh my dear, look at you cry,

All dolled up, your makeup’s run

I’d pick up the pieces,

But you’re not falling apart.