Most of us need the eggs.
Where Were You Last Night?

Where were you last night? Where were you when things got so bad that I could hardly stand it? You weren’t here, no, of course not. It was one of those nights where we needed you most, and right on cue you were nowhere to be found. After I kissed you goodbye in the morning I looked far off into the horizon, and saw what we had in store for us last night. I should have known that would be the last kiss we’d share for the day, for I would have lingered a little longer. But no, you wouldn’t deserve those extra moments of my lips touching yours. Not with how you abandoned us last night- all alone as it ripped through the neighborhood, leaving nothing but rubble in its path. But I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what it did, since you were right there behind it, pursuing it mindlessly like a dog after its tail. You said you’d stop once Suzy was born, but I knew that was an empty promise that you couldn’t help but break. It’s not your fault. It’s your passion, your one true love. I thought I could change that, be the one to come between you two, but I was wrong. I sit here looking out the window wishing one would come and sweep me off my feet, cause I’m not the one you’ll ever be chasing after.